Title issues can cause quite a headache for the everyday homeowner. These issues can arise from unpaid property taxes, boundary disputes, and clerical errors. Sometimes, homeowners may not even realize there’s an outstanding issue with their title. Nonetheless, you can still sell a property with title issues in Montgomery. If you want to sell your home in Alabama with property issues, keep reading to learn more.

What Causes Tile Issues?

There are various reasons why a homeowner could have title issues in Montgomery. For example, a home may have problems with the title if there are unpaid liens or if a neighbor has claimed the right to the property due to unclear boundaries. Errors in public records, such as typos, can also lead to title issues. These various title issues impact the seller and any prospective buyers, as the two parties can’t complete a transaction until the title issues are resolved. No doubt, title issues make it a bit more complicated to sell your house in Alabama, mainly if the title issues are costly to remediate.

How Do You Resolve Title Issues?

How you resolve a title problem depends on the issue at hand. Some homeowners may be able to fix a title issue by paying unpaid property tax. However, some title issues are more complex and may require litigation. Many homeowners use a title company to help identify any problems and find the best ways to resolve them quickly. If there’s a serious problem with your title, the title company will get you in touch with a real estate attorney. You should also communicate all title issues to your real estate agent. Without a clean title, you won’t be able to close the sale. If you have a title issue on your property, please reach out to us today. We buy Houses in Montgomery, AL, and we’re happy to assess your situation.

The Cash Buyer Method: A Solution to Title Issues

If you want to sell your house in Montgomery, Alabama, working with a cash buyer is one of the best ways to do so. The benefits of using a cash buyer are endless. For starters, you don’t have to pay any realtor commission, which amounts to 6% of the purchase price! You also don’t have to make any repairs. RHED Key Properties has made dozens of cash offers in Montgomery, and we have extensive experience purchasing homes from sellers with title issues. There’s absolutely no obligation. We review the information you provide about your home, make an offer, and then decide whether you’d like to accept.

Sell Your Property to RHED Key Properties

RHED Key Properties is the best place for cash home offers in Alabama. We make it a breeze to get an offer on your home in as quick as 24 hours. Best of all, our service costs nothing to you! Whether your house has liens or health code violations, we can buy it! Please contact us today if you’re ready to sell your home in Alabama or want to know more about how to sell a property with title issues in Montgomery.