Americans have seen little economic relief in the last few years. As inflation continues to rise across the United States, many Americans find it challenging to pay the bills. The COVID-19 pandemic also sparked near-record levels of housing appreciation, leading to increased property taxes. For that reason, many homeowners are behind on their property taxes. And when push comes to shove, one might have to give up their home if they can’t pay property taxes. You may wonder, “how do people sell their homes when owing taxes?” Selling a home with unpaid taxes is completely possible. Let’s explore how outstanding taxes impact your home and how to sell a house with overdue taxes.

How Do Unpaid Taxes Impact Your Home?

Life happens when you least expect it. If you lose your job or have a medical emergency, you may not have the funds to pay your property taxes. Depending on your state’s laws and regulations, not paying your property taxes could mean losing your home. For example, the county treasurer in Alabama can host a tax lien sale and award a tax lien certificate to the highest bidder. If you still don’t pay your overdue taxes, the lien holder could eventually take possession of your home.

Use a Realtor to Sell Your Home

A lot of homeowners sell their homes with a real estate agent. After all, working with a realtor has been the norm since the early 20th century. A realtor works with you to figure out a fair listing price for your home based on comparable listings. They also help hold open houses, stage the home to impress prospective buyers, and facilitate the transaction from start to finish. Simply put, realtors take a lot off the homeowners’ backs. Unfortunately, using a realtor comes at a hefty 6% commission. You may also need to make repairs before listing your home on the MLS, which is already a feat when you owe property taxes.

Work with a Cash Buyer

Working with a cash buyer like RHED Key is the number one way to sell your home when you owe taxes. We buy homes with liens and properties facing foreclosure. There are also zero fees for selling your home, and you can sell your home as is. There’s no need to make expensive repairs before we extend you an offer. You also don’t have to host open houses or stage your home – none of the stress that traditionally comes with real estate sales. Our team will ask you a few questions about your home, and you can expect an offer within 24 hours. Please get in contact with our team to learn why we’re the leading source for cash home offers in Alabama.

Sell Your Home to RHED Key Properties

If you’re stressed about a property tax debt, you’ve come to the right place. We buy houses in any condition and will make a fair offer for your home while considering the back taxes. With a cash offer from RHED Key Properties, you don’t have to stress over losing your home due to unpaid taxes. You also don’t have to put your home on the MLS and wait for someone to bite. RHED Key has your back if you want to sell an inherited property or a home with a lien. Please reach out to us today to sell your home in Alabama.