A condemned property in Huntsville is one that has been declared unsafe to live in by the local authorities. This could be a result of structural damage, infrastructure failure, mold damage, water damage, or unsanitary living conditions. 

Whatever the reason, if you’re reading this, you’re probably past the “how can I avoid a condemned property” stage and are now looking to make the most of your condemned property in Huntsville, AL. Good news: There are ways to deal with a condemned house and make the most of it without breaking state laws. 

What Happens When a Property Is Condemned?

When a property is condemned, the homeowner is usually left with two options. Either repair the property so it can be rechecked and considered suitable for habitation or have the government take over the house by the provisions of the evident domain. When the latter is done, the homeowner often suffers a loss as the property is bought at a rather low price. 

What Can I Do with a Condemned Property in Huntsville, Al?

Perhaps you’ve given up on getting a fair home cash offer in Alabama because your property is condemned. And, you’re wondering, can I ever sell my residence in Huntsville? Well, here are three great ways to deal with a condemned property in Huntsville.

1. Renovate the property, so it’s in great shape again.

Your home was condemned for a reason, after all. Fixing the problem is one way to reverse the situation. If you have the cash on hand to renovate the property, then you may go ahead and do so. This saves your property and also improves your home’s value, increasing your chances of a future home sale. 

You may be thinking, will I have enough time to do that? Here’s what you should know: the government is not out to hurt or frustrate you. They just want the environment to be safe for all humans and want your property to be habitable. So, provided you’re ready to invest in the property, you will likely be given ample time to renovate your property.

2. Sell the property to a Cash Investor company as-is.

This is the easiest and quickest way out. There are real solution companies that buy properties as-is at fair prices. So, you don’t have to invest in repairing the property before you sell it off. One such company is Rhed Key. We buy houses in Huntsville as-is at highly competitive prices. 

The condemned property is sold to Rhed Key. You have your cash on hand—problem solved. 

3. Collaborate with an investor

If you don’t have the money to handle your property repairs alone and you’re not ready to sell it as-is outright, there’s still a suitable option for you-partner with a property investor.

You can have someone invest in the property and renovate it. Thereafter, the house can be sold at a better price and the profits shared between you two. 


Your condemned property can still put fair cash in your pocket; you just need to take the right approach. 

Ready to sell your condemned property quickly and without extra costs? Contact Rhed Key right away!