Receiving a sentence doesn’t mean you’ll lose your home. However, you’re still on the hook for making mortgage payments. And considering most prisoners make less than $1 per hour, being able to afford a mortgage is a longshot. Unless you have deep pockets, you run the risk of facing foreclosure if you’re in prison. Fortunately, you can sell your home before getting sentenced. Selling your home before getting sentenced not only helps with legal fees but also helps you avoid foreclosure, which can lead to long-term financial consequences.

Should You Sell Your Home Before Getting Sentenced?

Deciding to sell your home before getting sentenced depends on your personal finances and living situation. For example, two working adults that support a household might be able to get by on one income. In this case, selling the home isn’t necessary, but it can lift the financial burden off the now sole breadwinner. If you can’t afford the house without your income, selling your home before getting sentenced is the best option. Even if you own the home and don’t have a mortgage, selling the property is a great way to raise funds to pay for legal fees. When you sell a home before sentencing, you can avoid foreclosure.

Sell Your Home with a Realtor

Using a realtor to sell your home before getting sentenced is one approach. A real estate agent can help you determine a fair list price for your home. They also host open houses and negotiate with prospective buyers. If you’re facing legal issues, you should try to choose a very hands-on realtor. This is especially important if you’re caught up in legal proceedings and don’t have time to dedicate to selling the house. While you might be able to find more affordable agents, many of these individuals won’t be able to devote an adequate amount of time to your listing. Fortunately, real estate agents will do most of the hard work, but for a steep price: a 6% commission.

Get an Offer From a Cash Buyer

Receiving a cash offer from RHED Key Properties is the best way to sell your home before getting sentenced. We know your time is limited, and we’re ready to act fast. We buy homes in any condition and allow you to sell your home as is. You can also sell homes with liens or properties facing foreclosure. There are also absolutely zero fees when you sell your home! Our team will give you a fair offer within 24 hours, making it a breeze to sell your home before getting sentenced. Get in touch with us today to sell your house in Alabama and learn why we’re the top choice for cash home offers in Alabama.

Sell Your Home to RHED Key

If you’re ready to sell your home in Alabama, please contact us today to sell your home for free, with no fees. We understand that facing legal issues is stressful, so we go out of our way to provide a pain-free customer experience. All we ask is that you answer a few questions about your home before we extend an offer.