Liens are often viewed negatively, but no two liens are the same. Some liens accompany a mortgage, whereas other claims arise from delinquent taxes. If you want to sell your house in Alabama but have a lien, you may find it challenging to find a buyer. Nonetheless, there are various ways to sell a home with a lien. Let’s look at the popular question, “what is a lien?” We will also discuss the best ways to sell your home with a lien and explain how RHED Key can help.

What Is a Lien? The Ins and Outs

In the simplest terms, a lien is a claim against your property. Anyone with a mortgage has a claim on their house. The lender has a legal right to the house if you stop making payments. A claim that arises from a mortgage is a voluntary lien. There are also various involuntary liens, including tax and mechanic claims. Your local government could place a tax claim on your home if you fail to pay property taxes (billions of dollars in property taxes go unpaid each year). On the other hand, a mechanic lien gives contractors the right to compensation for unpaid work. Involuntary liens may lead to litigation, and they can also damage a homeowner’s credit score.

Fortunately, you may be able to mitigate the risk of lien. Contact us to avoid a lien with RHED Key Properties.

Selling Your Home with a Claim: The Cash Buyer Method

Selling a home with a lien to a cash buyer is undoubtedly the best route. Cash buyers, such as RHED Key Properties, have no problem buying a home with a claim attached to it. In addition, cash buyers don’t rely on financing and, therefore, don’t have to worry about finding a lender. RHED Key Properties has made dozens of cash offers for homes with active claims against them, and we’re happy to walk you through the process.

Sell Your Home to RHED Key Properties Today

We buy houses in Alabama, including properties with active liens. We’re willing to work with any claim, including tax, mechanic, and general judgment claims. Our team will give you an offer as soon as 24 hours, and there are absolutely no fees. We don’t charge your commissions or closing costs. You also don’t need to make any expensive repairs. Please reach out to us today to learn why we’re the number one source for cash home offers in Alabama.