It’s fairly easy to say I want to sell my home in Montgomery and get a home cash offer in Alabama. But you’d agree with us that regardless of who is buying the home, selling a property in Alabama requires some legal proceedings. Even when you’re selling a property to a loved one, as long as it is being sold, every legal document must tally. Also, any form of discrepancy can result in a property title issue in Montgomery. So, as an Alabama homeowner, you should know how property title issues affect you and the common property title issues. 

What happens when there is a property title issue?

Ownership can not be transferred.

All title issues must be cleared up to transfer ownership of a property from the buyer to the seller. Thus, as a homeowner looking to sell your house in Alabama, title issues will unnecessarily delay your home sale. 

Common Property Title Issues

Here are some of the common title issues that everyone saying I want to sell my house in Montgomery must watch out for. 

1. Lien on property

How does getting a home with a debt gift sound to you? Unpleasing, we bet. When you buy a property whose previous owner has some outstanding debt, you’re at risk. This is because a lien may have been placed on the property by the bank resulting in extra worry for you.  

2. Encroachment with neighbors

The last thing you want is to buy a house whose borders are not clearly spelled out. Does being stuck with sorting out who owns what land sounds like a fun way to spend your time? If it doesn’t, employ a title company to carry out an adequate investigation before you go ahead and buy a property in Montgomery.

3. Errors in public records

Any error in the property’s deed or any other legal document containing the details (including ownership) of the property must be corrected and the deed refiled before there can be a valid transfer of ownership. When it comes to property sales, incomplete documentation is in no way permissible.

4. Previous shady deeds

Buying a home with an illegal deed history is one way to place yourself in harm’s way as a homeowner. Illegal property deeds can come back to affect homeowners many years later. If you buy a home whose deed was made by illegal immigrants, minors, or an individual who lied about a vital detail (e.g., marital status), you’re setting yourself up for trouble.  

5. Discovered will

You may buy a home whose previous owner died and no will was found, only for a will or testament to be recovered many years after. Your claim to the home is now in jeopardy regardless of how long you’ve lived undisturbed on the property. This is why it’s best that you involve a title company or, better yet, sell your home through a credible real estate solutions company like Rhed Key that will run a thorough check to ensure your safety.

Sell your house in Alabama fast!

There’s a title issue around my property, and I need to sell my residence in Montgomery before relocating. How do I sell my home in Montgomery fast with this title issue setback?

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