People downsize for various reasons. From saving money, wanting a more manageable space, or adjusting because you no longer have so many people living with you. Whatever your reason for downsizing is, you should know the easiest way to sell your home when downsizing. It also helps to have some handy tips. 

Tips for a Hitch-Free Downsizing in Montgomery

1. Set out early

You may be tempted to delay, feeling you still have time. But that’s a set-up for unnecessary pressure. When it comes to downsizing, you can never set out too early. Frankly, the earlier you start to declutter your home, the easier it is to move. We advise that you set out at least three months before your intended moving date.

2. Determine the size of your new space

You’re moving into a smaller space. Your present furniture pieces might be too big for your new space. So, you may need to sell or give out some of them. However, the only way to find out what stays and what has to be sold is to measure your new space. Again, this is why you need to set out early. With more time on your hands, you’re likely to make better decisions. 

3. Sell your house to a cash buyer as-is

The best way to sell your house in Alabama fast when downsizing is to sell to a cash buyer ready to buy the home as-is. It is a convenient option, especially when you have to downsize because of an illness, being jobless, or other unpleasant situations. When you’re in a fix and need to downsize quickly, the last thing you want to deal with is the wait and stress of a traditional home sale. 

Rhed Key is a real estate solutions company. We buy houses in Montgomery as-is at the best prices. So if you’ve been thinking, “How do I sell my home in Montgomery while I downsize?” here’s the solution—sell to Rhed Key.

4. Sell some items along with the house

You’re downsizing, right? Then, sell some of your things, especially the large furniture pieces, from your home. That way, you won’t need to ship any heavy furniture to your new home. Moreso, it’s a win-win. Interestingly, it could even make your home more attractive to a prospective buyer when you list these items as a selling feature. For example, if you have a sofa or couch custom made for your present home space, selling it with the property saves you the worry of shipping or getting rid of it some other way. At the same time, it saves the new homeowner the stress of buying and moving the item into the house.

What Is the Easiest Way to Sell My Residence in Montgomery when Downsizing?

The easiest way to sell your house in Alabama is to sell it to a reliable real estate company, e.g., Rhed Key, ready to give a fair home cash offer in Alabama and buy your property as-is.

Why is this your best option?

  • It saves you stress.
  • It is fast.
  • No need to make repairs, thus no extra cost.
  • No property chains.
  • You get your cash quickly. 

Why Choose Rhed Key?

Because aside from meeting the requirements earlier given, Rhed Key goes further to offer you a free quote. With RHED Key Properties, “I want to sell my house in Montgomery” becomes “I sold my house in 3 simple steps in less than 7 days.”