Why Sell Your House with Damaged Tiles in Alabama to a Cash Home Buyer

Flooring is not just a complementary element of the home but a key detail that must be in great shape. Hence as a homeowner looking to sell your house, Alabama, fixing damaged flooring is critical. However, you can now sell your home in Alabama with damaged tiles to a cash home buyer. The question-should you do so? Here is why you should sell your house with damaged tiles in Alabama to a cash home buyer?

5 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your House with Damaged Tiles in Alabama to a Cash Home Buyer

1.    No Worry about Delays Due to Financing

Marketing your home the traditional way is no small deal. You spend time and resources renovating, listing, and probably employing the service of an agent. Getting a buyer in itself is a time-consuming process. But it all comes crashing if after you’ve gotten a suitable offer, your buyer cannot access lender services. Then, you’re forced to start the process all over again.

Selling your home the traditional way delays your sales and increases the chances of your flooring becoming more damaged. This, in turn, slims down your chances for a sale.

2.    No fees, No Commission

Selling your home to a cash buyer means that you can scale the hurdle of selling costs. Costs on repairs and renovation can be avoided. This is because we buy houses, Alabama not to live in but as an investment.

At Rhed Key propertieswe buy houses, Alabama for cash as-is at highly competitive prices. So, mold, water damage, or damaged flooring; you get a fair price at no hidden costs with Rhed key.

3.    Quick Sale

Features of a cash home purchase:

  • No time lag. 
  • No delays due to lender services. 
  • Readiness to buy as-is. 
  • Cash at hand. 

This implies that you can have your house sold in no time despite its condition. Selling your home to a cash buyer ensures you sell quickly without hassle as you don’t have to deal with property chains.

4.    More Flexibility

In a traditional purchase, your potential buyer is looking to buy a home for themselves. So they solely view your home toward their specification. Minor issues that do not alter the effectiveness of the home may still put away traditional home buyers.

However, for an investor or estate buying company, these do not count.

5.    More Personalized

At Rhed key, we believe each property sale situation is unique. Hence, we address it as such. On the other hand, a traditional home buyer only sees your home as a prospective home for him. Consequently, he’s not particularly concerned with your unique situation.


With Rhedkey Properties, each sale is individual. We have specific ways of working with homeowners and would not treat a home sale due to foreclosure the same as one caused by a divorce statement.

Are you an Alabama homeowner looking to sell your house with damaged flooring? Contact Rhed key Properties today. We buy houses, Alabama as-is. No hidden costs. No commission.