In the real estate market, the time of house sale is as important as the method of sale. So, as a homeowner, you are to carefully decide when to sell your house. This could be somewhat tricky. In a bid to ease homeowners, Rhed key sought an answer to the question “when is the best time to sell my house in Alabama”. We found the answer to be “now”. Here is why you should sell your house now in the Alabama real estate market.

Why You Should Sell Your House Now

1.    Seller’s market

The demand for real estate properties is higher than its supply. This in turn drives prices up and puts sellers at an advantage. Due to the low real estate inventory, buyers compete for the available houses hence houses sell faster. If you’re an Alabama homeowner looking to sell your house, this is the perfect condition to do so. 

2.    Tight supply

At the moment, the real estate market is hot due to an imbalance between the quantity of demand and the supply of houses. Pent-up demand, limited construction activities due to COVID-19, and low-interest rates all come together to turn the table in sellers’ favor. So as a homeowner, you enjoy this advantage if you sell your house now in Alabama.

3.    Home price boom

The Alabama real estate market has experienced a general price rise in 2021 but demand keeps going higher. So, as an Alabama homeowner, you can have highly effective pricing selling your house today.

4.    More home sales

Home sales have risen in Alabama from 2020 through 2021. What does this mean? More houses are being sold. Put your house up for sale now and be one of the many enjoying this privilege.

5.    Favorable conditions are time-bound

Maybe you’re thinking “this is great, I’ll just wait it out a bit more”. 

Here is why you shouldn’t:

The Alabama real estate market currently puts the seller at an advantage. But this will not continue indefinitely. Many homeowners are also using this opportunity. Soon enough supply might equal or even outrun demand becoming buyers’ market.  

6.    Sell as-is

When selling your home the traditional way, you are required to evaluate your home and make necessary repairs and renovations. Today, however, you can sell your home as-is without investing in renovations provided your home doesn’t have structural damage.

How to sell your house in the Alabama real estate market

1.    Sell to a cash buyer

A quick solution is to sell your house for cash in Alabama real estate market. This allows you to sell fast and sell as-is.

2.    Sell via an estate agent

Having a real estate agent handle your house sale is another way to hasten your house sale process. A professional agent uses his skill and experience to market your home to potential buyers. 

3.    Go FSBO

Want to be in control of your sale? Then, you can have your house for sale by owner. You get to keep the agent’s commission. The downside is you may settle for less than your home value or sell late. 


Convinced now is the best time to sell your house, Alabama? Start your house sale process today with a quote from Rhed key properties. We buy houses, Alabama as-is, or with repairs for cash.