Perhaps you’re going through a divorce and can’t wait to sell your family home and have a fresh start. Your colleague claims you should sell your property in Birmingham to a cash buyer rather than the conventional home sale you’re comfortable with. But, you cannot help but ask-just how safe are Alabama home cash offers? Well, here are six reasons you need a cash buyer after a divorce in Birmingham.

6 Reasons You Need A Cash Buyer After A Divorce In Birmingham

1. Fast Sale

When going through a divorce in Birmingham, your family home is a major asset, and the chances are that you want to have the process as stress-free and fast as possible. Only a home cash offer in Alabama offers that liberty and speed. When selling to a cash buyer, every lender-related delay is out of the way. From start to close, selling to a cash buyer is faster than towing the conventional route. 

2. A fresh start

As with living in the home of a beloved one after their demise, staying in your family home after a divorce can bring heaviness to your heart. If you’re still wondering is it best to sell your house during a divorce, this is worthy of note: To move on and start afresh without the memory of your previous relationship lurking in every corner, it is best to sell your home in Alabama.

3. Stress-free

When going through a divorce, the last thing you want to deal with is a long home sale process that requires being in contact with your ex-partner time and time again. With the conventional home sale approach, this is unavoidable. 

4. Emotionally Safer

It is emotionally easier for you to sell your house in Alabama to a cash buyer, especially one like RhedKey, who buys fast. Going through a lengthy home sale cycle can be physically, financially, and emotionally draining. Plus, if you have kids, it might be easier for them to adapt to and start afresh in a new home. 

5. Cash in on your home’s equity

Which would you prefer: being trapped in a property chain and unable to purchase your new home or selling to a cash buyer in Alabama and having the equity from your home ready to be used towards your future home? Once you have the cash at hand from your home sale, you have the liberty to invest it in whatever you want to. This is not the case with home sales involving lender services.

6. Sell Your Home As-Is

You probably don’t want to spend a couple of months renovating your home with your ex after the divorce process is completed. Moreover, renovating your family home could be a pretty emotional process. Unfortunately, selling your home the conventional way often means that you compete with newer homes. Consequently, you will need to renovate yours to raise your chances of a sale. The good thing is that you can sell it as-is to a cash buyer and get your cash quickly.

What is the best way to sell my residence in Birmingham when going through a divorce?

If you’ve asked yourself time and time again, “How do I sell my house in Birmingham quickly and without stress during a divorce?” Here’s the solution: Contact Rhed Key. At Rhed Key, we buy houses in Birmingham as-is, fast, and at the best prices.