Severe property damage refers to enormous physical damage to property. This includes damage to an operational facility that renders it inoperable or places a permanent dent in its operational capacity.

Severe property damage includes burned property and Disasters resulting in structural damage to the house. 

We all hope that we will never experience severe property damage. However, we should know how to deal with severe property damage should it occur.

Causes of Severe Property Damage


A major cause of severe property damage is fire. Fire accidents may cause destruction of properties, bring about structural damage to houses, and result in loss of life.

Precautionary Measure

Be careful when handling electrical appliances and avoid any domestic fire that goes out of hand.


Wind-related damage is a common home insurance claim. A strong wind may cause branches to break off a tree and hit your windows and doors, causing roof damage, causing a tree to fall on a house, completely uproot mighty trees or even send your outdoor furniture flying in different directions, including through the windows. These may sometimes result in mild property damage but often result in severe damage (e.g., structure damage to the house) that will take a huge chunk of money to fix.

Precautionary Measure

Identify objects that may pose property damage risks to your home in the case of fierce wind and address them before it gets windy.

  • Strengthen your home’s structures.
  • Keep the trees around you pruned.
  • Ensure your outdoor furniture is secured.
  • When a storm is brooding, move all projectile items indoors and secure them.

Auto Accident

If a car crashes into your home unexpectedly, it may result in physical damage to property.

Precautionary Measure

Make sure your house is insured.


Hail-striking is another natural phenomenon that may result in property damage. Hail strikes often cause costly damage to cars and houses. However, unlike cars and other properties that may be moved under a roof to offer a degree of protection, your house cannot be protected in the same way.

Precautionary Measure

  • Strengthen your house before the hail hits.
  • Protect other valuables by moving them under a roof.

Moving Forward From Severe Property Damage

So, the damage has already happened. How do you move on? There are two major options.

Major Reconstruction

One way to move forward from property damage is to address the damage. Hence This may involve repairs and major reconstruction. A major reconstruction ensures that physical property damage is repaired and the home is returned to a palatable condition. That way, the property may continue to function as it previously did. However, depending on the degree of damage caused, attempting a reconstruction may cost a fortune.

Sell It As-is To A Cash Home Investor

The other and easier alternative to moving on from severe property damage is simply selling your home in Alabama to a cash home investor like RHED KEY, willing to buy it for a fair price.

This way, you get to:

  • Sell your home fast before further damage begins to set in.
  • To avoid further depreciation of your home
  • Avoid outrageous repair costs


RHED KEY offers you a competitive home cash offer, Alabama. So, even if you have a burned property, you need not undergo a major reconstruction before selling your home in Alabama.

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