When you find yourself in a neighborhood where there are random gunshots from time to time or on your way back from work, you often notice sketchy individuals standing around corners. It is ideal in such a situation to wonder if you’re living in a bad neighborhood. Thus, one way to truly know the state of your neighborhood is by knowing how to identify a bad neighborhood. This article explores ways to 6 glaring signs to identify a bad neighborhood.

6 signs of a Bad Neighborhood

Abandoned Houses

One major sign of a bad neighborhood is the presence of abandoned buildings. Abandoned buildings provide illegal protection and housing for thugs and criminals. The presence of well-structured houses represents a vibrant environment. But where you find many abandoned houses, it is an alarming sign that the area is likely bad. 

Poor Reputation 

A bad neighborhood is likely one with a poor reputation. The reputation of a thing or person goes ahead of them. If a thing is good, people will speak well about it and vice versa if it is bad.

Similarly, people will speak poorly about a bad neighborhood due to what they have heard and experienced. 

Bulletproof Glass on Local Stores

If you notice that most stores are fixed with large bulletproof glass, this is a red flag. Why would most stores fix expensive bulletproof glass if they do not have a reason to preserve their possessions? Thus, this is a major sign which indicates that a neighborhood is bad. 

Random Gunshots

Suppose all the previously discussed signs do not get you worried. Then, random gunshots would surely do the trick. No good area would experience frequent, random gunshots. It indicates a high crime area and the presence of gangs or crime groups. So, random gunshots in any area indicate that it is a bad neighborhood.

Broken Car Window

Another sign which indicates that a neighborhood is bad is the presence of broken car window glass in parking lots. Seeing broken car window glass in a parking lot shows that there was likely a theft in that area, which shows that the area isn’t safe.

In such an area, even in your car, it is not safe to be outside as anyone can break your car window, stealing your valuables.

Dirty Environment

An area that has dirt everywhere after a long period with no one making attempts to clear it up is a sign of a bad neighborhood. It shows that no one cares for the environment, and surely no one would care if someone is attacked or robbed. 


In summary, you need to ensure that you’re living in a safe area for your safety and that of your family. Do proper research before you move and after you move in, ensure to properly observe the environment for any of the abovementioned signs.

So, beyond getting cash home offers in Alabama, you need to ensure that the neighborhood is good and safe for you and your family.