Safety is a vital factor to weigh when scouting for a home. If you’re looking to buy a home in Alabama, you need to ensure that your property is not in a high crime rate area. Otherwise, you risk encountering peculiar problems and challenges that may sometimes result in tremendous losses. What kind of challenges can a homeowner encounter in an unsafe neighborhood? And how can you tell that you’re in a bad neighborhood?

Challenges of Living in a High Crime Rate Area

High Unemployment Rate

Insecurity is a major discouragement to businesses. So, unemployment is likely to be a major challenge if you reside in a high crime-rate area.

Irregular Police Presence

The police respond to crimes and see to it that criminals are curtailed. However, in a highly dangerous area, it is not uncommon to have a lot of police activity during the day and find out there is zero police activity at night. As a homeowner, this is both a danger sign and a challenge.

Delivery problems

Fast food services will often avoid delivering to highly dangerous areas. So, staying in a high crime rate area might mean that you can no longer have pizza delivered to your doorstep.

Schools of lower quality

Another challenge you may face as a homeowner in a high crime rate area is poorer educational facilities. Schools need people to run, and people are scared of insecurity. Hence, schools in unsafe neighborhoods are often understaffed or lacking in facilities.

Late-night noise

You probably don’t want to be startled by a loud noise late at night. However, this is commonplace in areas with high crime rates. You’re also likely to have lots of homeless people loitering around the neighborhood at night.

Inadequate Basic Infrastructure

Bad neighborhoods often lack basic infrastructure. You may find that the sidewalks are damaged, and street lights may even be shot out.

Signs that You’re in a Bad Neighborhood

Bars on Doors and Windows

If you notice that many homeowners have bars installed on their doors and windows to minimize break-ins, you’re likely in an unsafe neighborhood.

Locks everywhere

Seeing people lock things that typically do not require a lock is a telltale sign that you’re in a high crime rate area.

Random Garbage

A common feature of unsafe neighborhoods is having garbage loitering around. So, if you notice garbage lying everywhere in the area, you just might be unsafe.

Bulletproof Glass on Local Stores

In dangerous areas, sores often have to use bulletproof glass to offer security to their staff. If you notice a lot of this in an area, you’re likely walking in a high crime rate zone.

High Crime Rates Statistics

Simple. An area is a “high crime rate area” because it has high crime rate statistics. So, it’s good practice to research a neighborhood before moving there.

Many Dilapidated or abandoned houses

This is possibly the most prominent sign of a deteriorating neighborhood. If you notice so many abandoned houses and stores in an area, it might be time to consider another neighborhood.

Final Thoughts

Before buying a home in Alabama, be sure to find out about the area and ensure you’re in a safe neighborhood. We buy houses in Alabama at the highly competitive prices-No delay, no hidden charges. To sell your house and change to a new location without worry, contact RHED KEY today.