The State Government of Alabama has a constitutional duty to keep its residents safe from harm and danger. One of such ways is to ensure that the buildings in Alabama do not constitute a threat to the public. Hence, it is not unexpected to see various buildings having a condemned notice on their exterior due to their dilapidated condition.

When Can A House Be Declared Condemned?

A house is condemned when the house is no longer reasonably taken care of. It can also be condemned if the house has been abandoned for an extended period. If the house after a set time isn’t taken care of, the legal acquisition of the local property by the government of Alabama is most likely to occur.

Several bodies in Alabama have the power to declare a house unfit for dwelling. This power is termed eminent domain. The government can condemn a house if it clashes with public interests. This usually occurs when the government needs the land to fulfill a societal need. As we all know, public interests prevail over that of an individual.

Who pronounces a house condemned?

The Alabama probate court pronounces a house condemned after it has decided that a house is unsafe for habitation.

If the house was condemned due to public interest, the government would offer compensation to the homeowner.

However, if the government impounded the house for being a threat to society, they wouldn’t offer compensation.

What happens to condemned houses in the jurisdiction of Alabama?

The government may demolish the house if it is beyond repair or impounded by relevant agencies. Instead of leaving your house to uncertainties, you should consider selling it to us at Rhedkey as we offer the best deals. Most times, homeowners leave their homes when the house is no longer habitable. They forget that the house can be put to several profitable uses.

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